The Head Shot

Ok. Let me say upfront, I have a pet peeve against bad head shots. It makes no sense to me when I see an accomplished executive or a friendly face on FaceBook and they have a lousy head shot. The selfie craze doesn't help either. Granted it's possible to snap a decent headshot of yourself. Maybe even your mom will get lucky and catch you just right. I'm on a crusade to kill bad headshots. In fact, I offer a professional head shot starting at only $49. That includes the digital file, printing rights, and retouching. In the meantime, if you insist on doing it yourself, keep three things in mind. 

1. Composition. A good head shot is tight. From the shoulders up.  

2. Lighting. Some of the best lighting is natural light, with a little fill flash. Window lighting is often ideal because it's diffuse.  

3. Posing. Should be natural, but watch your angles. Set your focus point on the eye closest to the camera and make sure that eye is the larger eye (very few of us are completely symmetrical). Shoot from slightly above eye level to help create a well defined neckline. 

Dr. Todd Pollock, Dallas, Texas 2017

Dr. Todd Pollock, Dallas, Texas 2017

Timeless Moments

I've noticed that sometimes the best photographs emerge after you've been away from them for a couple of weeks. I'm always looking to capture portraits that are timeless and that tell a story. In this case, the life-long relationship of a brother and sister. Here's to them. May they lead healthy, happy lives and always remain close.