The Personality Portrait

I love making personality portraits for people. These are unique portraits designed to capture the essence of each individual. I make them by first interviewing you. I want to know what you're most passionate about? How would your friends describe you? Where are you most comfortable? What do you do for a living?

Hilary Palmer, Richardson, Texas 2017

The personality portrait above is courtesy of my friend, Hilary. We hadn't spoken in 40 years, since junior high when she reached out on Facebook for some head shots. After talking with her it was clear Hilary had a passion for her dogs. After seeing her house I was struck by the retro design of her Richardson, Texas home built in the 50's. I could see that Hilary was very passionate about her home. The backyard was an oasis. Hilary is an accomplished marketing executive with an eye for design and creativity. Her personality is as warm as it was in junior high.

After the head shots we reminisced. I got to know her dogs. She made me feel at home with a perfect cappuccino. Struck by the lime green paint on the front door of her home, I knew we had the makings of a fine personality portrait.